Announcing "Sagging Shorts", our new series of pocket books.

☞ New releases for February: Joseph D. Reich’s The Rituals of Mummification and the classic underground novel Hoptime by J.F. Mamjjasond and Fafnir Finkelmeyer.

☞ The Bridge has published a review by Robbie Harrold of The Button Thief of East 14th Street. Vermont Public Radio also has aired an interview with author Fay Webern about the book.

☞ We’ve started a Patreon campaign—please contribute!

☞ Sagging Meniscus Turns One! Here’s a brief report on our first year and a look forward.

☞ Entropy Magazine has published an insightful review by Charles Holdefer of Anstett’s Moreover.

☞ The American Book Review has a feature on Sagging Meniscus Press in its latest (May/June 2016) issue.

The Old Asylum is an SPD Handpicked title for June!

Verse Daily’s poem for May 24th is “Big Statement” from Aaron Anstett’s Moreover.

Joseph Hutchison has posted two poems from Aaron Anstett’s Moreover for Poetry Month 2016.

☞ LitBridge has posted an interview with Aaron Anstett about Moreover.

In Preparation

☞ Colin James’ Resisting Probability. (Fall 2017)

☞ Ed Hamilton’s Lords of the Schoolyard. (Summer 2017)

☞ Seth Rogoff’s First, the Raven: A Preface. (Summer 2017)

☞ Lee Klein’s Jersey Devil novel, JRZDVLZ. (Fall 2017)

☞ Kurt Luch’s hilarious It’s Funny Until Someone Loses an Eye (Fall 2017)

☞ Not one, but two novels by Marvin Cohen. (Spring 2018)

☞ Israeli poet Amir Or’s Wings, translated by Seth Michelson. (Spring 2018)

☞ Extraordinarily vigorous, electric poetry from the quicksilver mind of Anis Shivani. (Summer 2018)

☞ New novels from M.J. Nicholls, Stephen Moles and Seth Rogoff.

My Life of Crime, fabulous comic essays by Tyler Gore. (Fall 2018)